Do I need to activly charge the battery?

The short answer is no. The battery hold enough energy to use the Seclave in offline mode (never connected via USB) for months using normal usage pattern. If you put the device in the USB-port it will charge it's battery and most if not all users never actively charge their device, it gets topped up once in a while.

Why should I use the Seclave Password Manager?

The product offers a secure and easy to handle solution to managing complex passwords. It differs from most similar products on the market in that the information is only stored on the device.

Is it secure?

Glad you asked. The Seclave is designed as a single-purpose computer. The only time the Seclave allows access to one of your passwords is when you tell it to. This is in stark contrast to for example smartphone apps where malware on your smartphone might get access to all of your passwords.

Do I need any drivers to use the Seclave?

No, the Seclave acts as a standard USB keyboard when connected to a computer.

I want to store my hard-drive encryption key on the Seclave, is that possible?

Not only is it possible, that's one of the use-cases we use the Seclave for ourselves.

Does the Seclave require any drivers to be installed?

You don't have to install anything to be able to use your Seclave. However, if you want to import passwords from the computer, you can use either the SecImport program or KeePass using our plugin. These programs can be downloaded from the web page.

Which operating systems does the Seclave work with?

The Seclave works with any operating system which supports USB HID. SecImport and the KeePass plugin works with Windows, MacOS and Linux.

What if my Seclave gets stolen or lost?

If a backup has been made, you can simply restore all your passwords into a new unit using the encryption key.

Can I trust that the case has not been opened before delivered to me?

Your Seclave will be programmed and packaged in Sweden in a controlled environment. The package is sealed with security tape.

Can somebody get hold of my passwords if it gets stolen?

Not really. The protected memory is constructed in a way that makes it very expensive, if possible, to extract it's content without the correct password. The flash memory is encrypted with AES-128 using strong keys, so breaking that is very unlikely... All of this would also take a great deal of time if ever succeeded. This would give you time to get a new Seclave, recover your lost passwords from your backup and simply change them all before anyone has had the chance to figure out your most valuable password. The risk of anyone guessing your passphrase is less than 1/65,000 for each attempt and the Seclave will erase all passwords after four erroneous attempts.

Why can’t I use the same passwords on multiple places?

By using the same password on multiple sites it is enough for an attacker to hack one of those sites to steal it. The attacker can then try to use that password on other sites. Thus by hacking an unimportant website the attacker can get the password for your email, online banking and so forth. This kind of attack is quite common.

Why shouldn't I use a password manager on my computer or phone instead?

A software password manager, even though it might encrypt your passwords, won't help you if your computer/phone gets infected by malware. Malware can steal sensitive files from your device as well as log your keystrokes. A dedicated security device like the Seclave isn't vulnerable to those kinds of attacks.

Is it possible to wipe the content from the Seclave?

Yes. If you want give your Seclave to somebody else, you can factory reset the Seclave. This will erase all stored data, by wiping crypto-keys and erasing all encrypted content.

What is the benefit of a small processor?

Seclave is using an 8 bit AVR microcontroller running at 8 MHz with low power consumption. The codebase is small which makes it easier to verify that it does what it is intended to do and nothing else.

Why does Seclave not have a fingerprint reader?

We are leaving our fingerprints everywhere, including on our Seclave. An attacker interested in your passwords could lift your fingerprint from the device and using it to unlock your Seclave.

What if my Seclave gets stolen or lost?

If a backup has been made, you can simply restore all your passwords into a new unit using the backup key.

Why should I do a backup?

To make sure that you don't lose all of your passwords if the device gets lost or breaks.

How can I make a backup with Seclave?
  • Login to Seclave
  • Choose the Backup-option at the main menu
  • Connect the USB cord to a computer
  • Choose Export from the first Backup-option and a backup-file ends up on your computer
  • What is a backup key?

    An encryption key that is used if you need to recover your passwords from a backup. The key is a long string of numbers and letters and is meant to be stored, preferably on paper, in a safe place.

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