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Seclave Password Manager

Version 2 out now!

Protect and manage your passwords
Product description:

Seclave Password Manager makes it a breeze to handle passwords and encryption keys in a secure manner. The product can be used stand alone or together with any of the provided software solutions.

Package include:
  • Seclave Password Manager version 2
  • Quick Guide
  • USB cable 50cm
  • USB cable for keychain

81€ (799SEK)

We deliver from Sweden to everywhere in Europe
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Import, store, secure, use and back up your passwords in a simple way


Seclave supports importing passwords from the KeePass password manager, or by using our secimport tool.


Seclave stores your passwords and encryption keys so that you always have them when you need them


Your passwords are stored encrypted. The encryption key is protected with a passcode. After four erroneous passcode entry attempts seclave will wipe the encryption key and all of the stored passwords.


Instead of entering passwords manually, just connect your seclave to a computer and it will act as a keyboard, entering your passwords when you tell it to.


Encrypted backups can be made to a computer via the usb port. If a unit is lost, the encrypted backup file can be imported into another unit for instant password recovery.


Seclave can generate new strong passwords for you, making it easy to have different passwords for all of your accounts.

Technical specification FAQ


Get started with your Seclave 2!

Seclave 2 documentation.

Visit our WIKI for information.


Information how to use seclave version 1


Documentation about how to use Seclave and product sheets.

Quick-start guide User manual Product sheet


Download tools that allow you to import passwords from your computer into Seclave.

Windows (Win32) MacOS X (Intel) Linux (amd64) Linux (i386) Linux install guide

KeePass plugin

Download the Seclave KeePass plugin that allow you to import passwords into Seclave from KeePass password manager.

Plugin v1.1.0 Plugin manual Plugin source code v1.1.0